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Dragonfolk base models.

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

These are the current base bodies for the male and female Dragonfolk.

It took awhile, but the base bodies for the dragonfolk are now worked up. Like the other races I posted, these will almost certainly be modified and refined over the coming months, but they are good enough to post and move on from for now. I'm pretty happy with the balance between the masculine and feminine look of the these models, while still keeping a overarching dragon-like, and somewhat monstrous look to them.

My priority from here on out is working on various assets for the human to create an animation of different customization options to post on social media and officially announce the project. This might be a few weeks as I also want to have a name for the app settled on before announcing it. I'll keep you all posted with any other updates in the meantime.



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