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Went a little overboard on the hairstyle concepts for the human male

These are some of the recently hairstyle concepts I wrapped up. I probably didn't need to do this many at this time, but these are all concepts I'll be able to use down the line when I need them. I still need to choose a few to paint and experiment with changing hair color.

I'm currently working on the other aspects of the head customization options for the human male, so expect to see an update showing off all those options in the near future. This will include facial feature customization as well as things like scars and facial accessories.


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Updated: Jan 25, 2023

An early look at some of the possible body customization options.

This is the second video I've made to show off some customization possibilities for MortalForm. This time focusing on the body for the male human. Some of the options I wanted to explore were skin tones, body fat, body hair, tattoos, scars, and war paint. I'll certainly design each of these options more extensively down the line, but I just wanted to at least show off the possibility of each of these options.

I'm spending a bit of time on the human options before moving onto the other fantasy races. My plan is to show some facial/head customization for the male human, then move onto the body and head customization for the female human. From there I'll likely jump into the dwarf and dragonfolk options.

Follow this blog to keep up with all the updates, and you can find all the social media links at the top right of this page.


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Some of the initial assets for the human male in action

I put together this video trailer together to officially announce this project on my personal social medias and to give a better visual idea of what the app might look like and how assets could be individually changed.

I plan on doing a video like this for each race and to give people a better idea what the app will look like in action.


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