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The genesis, the journey, the blog.

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Welcome to the new blog that will keep you up to date with all my progress.

Hello! Some time back I had an idea to create a fantasy TTRPG focused character creator app and I thought now would be a good time to get a blog going to begin posting progress and major steps in its development. My goal is to launch a Kickstarter some time in 2023, but I want to make sure I have a certain amount of work done before doing so.

This blog will also be a good way to track my progress and get a feel for an estimated timeline of this project. If you want to get notifications of major milestones such as the eventual launch of the Kickstarter then you can submit your email for the newsletter on the home page to make sure you don't miss anything. I will use this blog to start posting the art for all the major assets I create. Starting with the base bodies for the different races, and then working into assets such as hair, weapons/items, and costumes.

If you know anyone who might find this project interesting please consider sharing this blog with them. Thanks!



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